Age location:
2-16 years old (7-16 years as the core brand appeal group)

Family positioning:
Higher income families in a second tier city;
The three or four line of the city higher income families.

Consumer personality description:
Personality traits: self confidence, independence
Psychological state: parents focus on quality of life, pay attention to personal value. Children are more mature in their peers, love your own unique personality usually choose shoes and children's 

The value of faith: 
Parents have the vision of international fashion culture, understanding of cultural information, advocating European life style. Pay more attention to the children in the partner group status, with 
the family as the core to cover the school, hope the uniqueness of their position in the surrounding crowd, exclusive.

Analysis of family growth period: 
Children are in the growth period of growth, the family has some savings, income stability, with the growth of children, the corresponding expenditure also began to increase. With the continuous 
improvement of living standards, 80 also ushered in their next generation, their material basis, most of which are beyond their parents, then there is a unique style differences, excellent product 
quality and brand will be favored.
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